Interview: Katlin Brown

An Interview with Katlin Brown, Chicago Growing Cooperation
by Liana Li

Katlin Brown is an experimental cook and educator. She has worked with WeFarm America, Chicago Time Exchange, The Kids’ Table, and Green Exchange to teach workshops on preparing food for dietary restrictions. As a member of the Chicago Growing Cooperation (CGC), she is focused on connecting people to a more complete food experience and making available the open exchange of skills and resources.

(0.00) What does food represent for you, and how did you become interested in cooking?

(1.13) What did you study in school, and how does it relate to what you are doing now?

(2.26) How did you begin to cook for dietary restrictions?

(5.26) Do you currently view cooking as your occupation?

(7.08) Do you think it’s important to locally source food? Is trade necessary?

(10.38) What is the Chicago Growing Cooperation (CGC)?

(14.14) You are also involved with WeFarm America and the Chicago Time Exchange (CTX). How are these initiatives related to the efforts of CGC?

Additional notes on health
Through my own journey realizing I shouldn’t eat wheat I learned how many foods effect my body, and supporting other people in developing that connection is a goal of my food practice. I’m also starting to venture into the healing properties of food, extending from my experiences and researching a bit about how things have been done in the past (another way of using what we already have—in our cupboards/fridge/garden).

• My mentors Deborah Moroney and Marisha Humphries
• Genya Erling, a food consultant and entrepreneur
• Caroline Carter, a raw food chef and co-host of Cooking Raw
• Chef Edna Lewis
• Community kitchen spaces such as Peoples Kitchen Detroit and CornUcopia Place in Cleveland
• My friends and family—for giving me ideas, cooking with me, and trying new things
• Kids (enthusiasm + keepin it real)

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