Interview: Samm Petrichos

An Interview with Samm Petrichos, Spice!
by Liana Li

Samm Petrichos is the founder of Spice!, a local mobile eatery in Chicago that advocates for sustainable food practices, cooking as a creative art, and independence from bureaucratic and corporate dominance. He has worked with the Nite Market and the Southside Hub of Production (SHoP), and currently at the 61st Street Farmer’s Market, Hyde Park Supper Club (HPSC), and Experimental Station, where he leads cooking classes.
Samm will be participating in the spring 2013 meal – Polyculture: A locally re-sourced performative brunch at City Farm.

(0.00) Spice! – What is behind the name?

(0.48) Do you consider yourself an artist or a chef? – Re-evaluating business models

(3.36) How do you see food as an art practice?

(10.30) You mention working with limitations in your practice. How do you see these affecting creativity?

(11.46) How does photography and social media play a role in Spice!?

(13.30) At the SHoP Three Story Street Feast curated dinner event, you showcased food normally sold by street vendors. What is your relationship with street food? – Local politics on small businesses

(19.00) What is the state of our current food system?

(23.32) Do you see any hope for change in our food system?

(28.11) If you had to choose local vs. organic, which would you pick?

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